Bradford Elementary is Inspiring Students through Impactful Mentorships and Rich Culture

As we continue our celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, SAISD is proud to feature another one of our great leaders, Bradford Elementary principal Bertha Carrasco. Mrs. Carrasco has built a school culture based on student-connectedness, relationships between students and teachers, and social-emotional wellbeing of our students to inspire them to fulfill their hopes and follow their dreams. 

At a young age, Mrs. Carrasco was driven to become an educator and help shape the children of the future through her culture and the positive impact of the adults in her life. Her teachers, coaches, and mentors were her inspiration, teaching her to set goals and providing positive pathways for her to continue to further her education and reach her goals. As the first grandchild in her family to graduate high school and attend college, she credits her Hispanic culture and her family in instilling a strong work ethic and the value of education in her life, helping to propel her to reach her goals. Understanding the impact made by her mentors and her culture, Principal Carrasco set out to bring the same cultural influence and positive adult mentorship to the students at Bradford. Under her leadership and with adult mentorship at the forefront, Principal Carrasco implemented the Capturing Kids’ Hearts system and has been named a Capturing Kids’ Hearts National Showcase School for exemplary outcomes in making a difference in their students' lives. 

“With each student that walks through my campus, I want to provide them with the inspiration and positive direction that my mentors provided to me in order to help them fulfill their hopes, dreams, and inspirations,” said Bertha Carrasco. “Educators play a critical role in the lives of children through their encouragement to reach their fullest potential - I want to be that for my students.”    

Bradford is one of two campuses at San Angelo ISD who offer the bilingual program to our youngest students. The Bilingual Program is designed to provide Spanish-speaking students the opportunity to be English proficient by the 3rd grade. The program builds knowledge and learning of academic subjects in a child's first language and in English while instilling self-assurance, confidence and cultural pride. This program provides the bilingual students a safe and nurturing learning environment that empowers them to collaborate and build their native language in order to transition into the English language. In its second year, the Bilingual Program is providing great opportunity for the students at Bradford Elementary but also the culture and families surrounding Bradford. The students are growing so quickly, becoming outgoing and confident. 

Bradford Elementary is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month through events and activities such as providing instruction about different Latin countries and influential Hispanics, exploring Hispanic heritage and traditions, and celebrating Mexican Independence Day to highlight the contributions of Hispanic and Latino Americans to the nation and the local community. To stay up-to-date on San Angelo ISD, please visit the SAISD website at and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.