San Angelo ISD Provides Options to Secure Physician Clearance Required by UIL COVID-19 Guidelines

In response to the University Interscholastic League (UIL) guidelines requirement for physician clearance prior to returning to participation in UIL activities after a student tests positive for COVID-19, the following options will be acceptable to San Angelo ISD as a means for parents/guardians to secure clearance: 

  1. Contact your student’s primary care provider; or
  2. Visit an Urgent Care medical facility; or
  3. Enroll your student into the Shannon School-Based Telemedicine Program and allow your student’s School Nurse to help facilitate a virtual face-to-face visit with a Shannon physician during school hours.  More information and registration forms for this option can be found online at School Telemedicine Program
    • Note, however, under this option students that experienced moderate to severe symptoms during their illness with COVID-19 may additionally require an office visit with a physician and/or additional medical testing (EXG, Chest X-Ray, etc.) before a medical release is provided.

You can find additional resources on how to care for a student with COVID-19 here and counseling resources here.