About Us

Lamar Parent Information 



Please see our website for additional information (https://lamar.saisd.org/). Follow us on our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/LamarElementary. You can follow us on twitter @lamarlionsroar. If you have further questions, please message us on facebook, send us an email, or call the front office. 

Drop Off 

School doors open at 7:15am. Tardy bell rings at 7:45. Grade levels will enter the school at a different entry point (K West Side, 1/2 Front, 3/4/5 East Side Car rider lane). See map on our website: https://lamar.saisd.org/families/dropoff-pickup. Several Lamar Staff members will be at each entry point. Students will go directly to their classroom where teachers will be ready to greet the student and will provide breakfast in the classroom. We will have staff available to help students get to the classroom. If you have children in multiple grade levels at Lamar, drop off all students at the younger child’s location. 


Pick Up

Pick up is in the same location as drop off at 3:05 (K West Side, 1/2 Front, 3/4/5 East Side Car rider lane) . Your teacher will distribute car rider tags during Meet the Teacher. Please keep these in your car so we can quickly match students to the correct car. It is important to keep the tags all year. Contact the teacher if you need a new one. 


Functional Academics (FA) will dismiss at 2:50pm to the West Side parking lot, front row (closest to building). Students will be walked to their bus if they ride the bus. If you are picking up your child, please stay in your car and a staff member will bring your child to you. Please see the map on our school website:  https://lamar.saisd.org/new-families/dropoff-pickup


First Day of School - Drop Off 

At Meet the Teacher, teachers will be handing you a zip tie and tag to attach to your child’s backpack the first day so we can be sure to dismiss your child to the correct location. Please attach this before dropping them off at school Wednesday. This will help our staff make sure your child gets to the correct location.  *Reminder-staff will be available to assist students to the correct classroom at arrival time. 



For safety reasons, all visitors will need to sign in at the office prior to obtaining access to the school. Please have your driver’s license ready when visiting the office.



If packing a lunch, please send it with your child in the morning. Please try to avoid dropping off lunch at the office as this causes a disruption to the learning environment. 


Eating with Students at School

Starting in September, for a special occasion (birthday, grandparent visiting, etc.), if you would like to eat lunch with your child, please follow these steps to minimize disruption to instructional time:

  1. Notify the teacher ahead of time (prior to the day).

  2. Come during your child’s scheduled lunch time.

  3. Eat in the designated sitting area (you and your student).*Students will not be able to bring a friend with them for safety reasons.

  4. Student will return back to the cafe before his/her lunchtime is over.



You may send cupcakes to school with your child in the morning of your child’s birthday.  Due to allergies, cupcakes must be store bought (ingredients listed on the package). Please let your child’s teacher know prior to sending cupcakes.


Early Pickups

There may be times you need to pick up your child early from campus such as a doctor’s appointment. Please call the school office prior to picking up your child. Please enter the main front door and we will help you.  We will not release early pick ups after 2:45 to ensure a smooth dismissal. You will need to enter the car rider line if picking up your child after 2:45. 



If your child requires medication at school, please contact the school nurse Nana Laird (Nana.Laird@saisd.org) to make an appointment to drop off your child’s medication.  



Feel free to send your child with a water bottle daily. 


Accessing Grades/Registration/Attendance: